Viva Fiesta Fashion

Medal mania, paper picado, Mariachi music, nightly fireworks,  and flower crowns, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the South Texas Tradition of Fiesta. For 10 days, city-wide revelry embodies San Antonio. Much like Texas wildflowers, events spring up all over town celebrating years of history and culture. This year the Alamo city is celebrating its 126th Fiesta which calls for lavish fashion that rivals the floral wreaths adorning entry-ways everywhere.

To share in the festivities I have styled a few outfits as a guide to looks I would wear to any Tejano event.

Flirty in Floral

My first look was created by finding a staple blouse, something that embodied the Fiesta spirit (in my opinion) and then pairing it with my favorite pair of jeans for all-day comfort. I found this flirty piece at Hemline in the Quarry for $88. The local boutique celebrated their first anniversary this past Saturday and provide great statement pieces to shop. Once you have your outfit done, throw on some printed heels and you’re all set for anything from Fiesta to siesta. I styled my look with tassel wedges for additional pizzazz.

Puebla Peasant Dress

If you are looking for a more traditional look, bold colors and floral embroidery are a safe start. Since yellow is not usually a color I parade, I decided to give it a try for Fiesta. The loose fitting style is perfect for Oyster Bake and NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio) where food is as abundant as appetites. This style of dress is wonderful because not only is it Fiesta approved, but they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your personal preference. Since I take advantage of any opportunity to boost my height, I paired the look with some neutral wedges and a Huipil Market clutch for major Spring vibes.

Embroidery Essentials

The final look I crafted is ideal when have your heart set on wearing a specific piece but aren’t sure how to tie it in with the Fiesta theme. Here, I purchased this Chambray off-shoulder dress and accessorized it with a floral stitched belt. If you haven’t found quite the outfit you’d like for the celebrations, accessories can be your best friend. I added these Elaine Turner earrings to complete my look.


Hope these ideas help you invite a little more Fiesta into your wardrobe!

Cheers San Antonio!


Fiesta Event Schedule

Photography by Wayfarer Photography

White blouse, Yellow Puebla Dress, and Embroidered belt: Hemline

Chambray off-the-shoulder dress: Banana Republic

Clutch: Huipil Market

Earrings: Elaine Turner

Tassel Wedges: Cabi



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The Dienger Trading Co. (Boerne’s Best)

If you’ve ever visited the Hill Country of Texas you were undoubtedly charmed by its scenic wineries, quaint architecture and delightful restaurants. While there are many towns to wine-and-dine you, Boerne is by far a personal favorite of mine. It exudes Lone Star pride while welcoming visitors far and wide.

In the heart of this small town is The Dienger Trading Co.; a Boerne legacy reminiscent of old general stores. Not only is it a fabulous restaurant and bookstore, but a unique boutique carrying tons of local treats. It is essentially your one stop shop for all things chic and comfort. I was lucky enough to partner with The Dienger to shoot a few favorite pieces from their shop. Not only did I love the quality of the fabrics used, but the unique patterns and accessories. Each outfit offered a twist to current Spring trends: a striped shift dress, banded long-sleeves, and a cut-out everyday tee. These vibrant Spring looks are available at the store now and are some great options if you are looking for a special piece for Fiesta! And even if you are not in the shopping mood, stop by their bakery and try a quiche or coffee!


Photography by Wayfarer Photography

White tee and floral skirt: Synergy Clothing

Giselle purse: Mar Y Sol

Locations: West Elm and Central Market


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Corsets and Selfies

In an era of evolving everything, we often must ponder whether we can stop time for a few seconds to savor the present before it too morphs into the past in front of our eyes. With Iphones at our disposal, I think we tend to snap images throughout our day hoping to reflect on the simple joys we have experienced like visiting the farmer’s market on Saturdays, or walking along the Riverwalk with a visiting friend.

But what we fail to capture in the hustle of our day-to-day activities, is the art of the image. The selfie with perfect lighting finally captured after dozens of failed attempts, scene changes, and make-up touch-ups may seem like a rewarding experience in and of itself, not to mention the warm muscle burn from the workout that comes with extending one’s arms a full length. But what if there was an option that allowed us to capture all that we want our image to convey of the essence of us in a manner that involved more creativity and enjoyment and less pain and one-man attempts at serving as our own photographer and model simultaneously? What if, just what if, there was an option that allowed us to project the inner essence of our being in an image that reflects our daydreams- the blushing princess, daring warrior, seductive femme fatal and mysterious mermaid in every woman.

Obsidian + Blush is an Austin based creative team that does just that. They “believe that everyone should have elegant portraits of themselves”, because no one wants their grandchildren to remember them by a 60-year-old selfie. I had the joy of working with this dream team as their model on a gorgeous Victorian Floral set. The set seeks to capture the image of a woman who is daring yet gentle by means of intricate corsets and floral backdrops. The images turned out more beautiful than I could have hoped for! I felt like a garden princess hidden away in time.

The team was made up of some of the most talented women I have had the pleasure of knowing. It was my first time wearing a corset and I can honestly say I loved it! Each one was carefully created by Louise Black (yes the LOUISE BLACK from Project Runway), who is truly a one-of-a-kind designer. Each corset was hand-made and composed of delicate details that made them each uniquely stunning. Wearing them was an unusual feeling but not the back-breaking pain I had always imagined. Instead they forced me to sit a bit straighter and gave an air of elegance. If you ever have the chance to wear a piece from Louise, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! While wearing a corset was a wonderful experience it is not a requirement to work with Obsidian + Blush in creating a masterpiece. If you are interested in joining the revival of portraiture feel free to check out Obsidian + Blush!

So while the rest of the world takes #cellfies let’s keep Austin weird with classic portraits!

Lots of love,

Published in Scorpio Jin Magazine

Model: Christine Lozano
Production: Obsidian + Blush
Photography: Nico Nordström Photography
Set Design/Construction: Nico Nordström
Designer/Earrings: Louise Black
Hair/Styling: Michi Lafary
Makeup: Pepper Pastor
Assistance: Natasha Müller Heggestad + Brandon Gonzales

Editor: Lola Lozano

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Song of the Whales

We were sitting there floating over 800 ft deep water, skimming the royal blue horizon for a glimpse of a humpback whale. Captain had told us there were two in the area and we had already chased one for a while. It was an odd version of cat-and-mouse marrying the land beings with the ocean giants. As we sat there patiently (or impatiently rather) waiting for the chance to see the whale’s fluke flip out of the water, we began to hear a strange humming sound. A hush crashed over the crowd as the excited crew announced the sound was coming from three males floating beneath us. An older male was teaching the two younger ones the Hawaiian song the males sing in the area. Everything grew quiet and surreal as the crew slipped in the water with their snorkeling gear for a closer look. For me, it was one of those moments in your life you’ll never forget. You experience a world other than your own and appreciate its complexities and rhythms of life.

While hearing the song of the humpback whales was beyond what I could’ve hoped to have imagined that day, the rest of my Spring Break was not far behind. I spent the week in awe of the natural, untouched beauty of the Nā Pali Coast in Kaua’i, the magnificent view from our Marriott condo and the relaxation you feel as your body hovers over the aquatic world.

The condo my family and I stayed in quickly became my favorite I have visited. It had the most incredible balcony with a view overlooking the unspoiled Pacific Ocean and Nawiliwi Bay. It was situated on the eastern side of the island in Lihue, an ideal location to escape to snorkeling in the north at Hanalei Bay or a quick excursion in Eleele where you can catch a cruise to the Nā Pali Coast.

During my stay in Kaua’i, I took full-advantage of the warm weather to break out some of my favorite Spring pieces. Although I lived in my swimsuit, it was easy to pair my tan with anything from dresses and off-the shoulder tops to torn denim shorts and Portofino blouses.

On the final day of my visit we spent the morning at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery. It sits nestled on the side of a sacred volcano overlooking a beautiful river and surrounded by a sea of flowers and tropical fauna. If you have ever visit, you will be overcome with a sense of peace as the sounds of the world fade away. It was the best way to conclude my Hawaiian adventure and reflect on the time I had with family, nature and myself before returning to San Antonio for the final stretch of classes before finals in May. I hope you all enjoyed reading about my time in the Garden Isle and I look forward to sharing many more adventures soon!


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Emerald Blouse x Lace Shorts


Things have been a little crazy with midterms approaching and moot court around the corner! But I didn’t want to neglect this “Bountiful” blouse I recently purchased from Cabi. It is a beautiful Emerald color with small details that make it easy to pair with solid or printed bottoms. It is not only a great transition piece to Spring, but can be that touch of green you need for St. Patrick’s Day!

By now I am sure you are aware I am a huge fan of Cabi, but what can I say? They have great stuff for every season and I can’t wait to show you the other pieces I’ve purchased! While I have been seriously enjoying the last several weeks in the Hill Country I am more than excited to cruise on down to the coast this weekend and fly the 3,000 + miles to the tropics of Hawaii in two weeks.

Hope y’all have had a great week so far and are looking forward to some fun this weekend!

Bountiful Blouse: Cabi | Shorts & Handbag: Francesca‘s |Shoes: Aldo | Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Photos by Kimberlee Phoenix

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Southern Vintage Valentine

To My Sweethearts,

While I understand Valentine’s Day is typically characterized by couples exchanging professions of their love, today, I can’t help but reflect on the many women in my life that I consider near-and-dear to my heart. In that spirit, I want to dedicate this entry to the handful of women who have shown me, through their example of unconditional love, the depths of what it truly means to love and be loved.

I grew up in West Texas, my best friend and sister by my side, hand making fairy dolls out of beads and flower petals. As we grew up and grew away from each other we never grew apart. I know I can always count on her to answer that late night call even though we no longer live in the same town. We have been blessed with a mama bear who guides and protects us, leads by example and has never faltered at the daunting task of raising us. Through everything, she has been my rock for all 8,489 days of my life. I can tell you that without my mother and my sister, I would not be who I am today…or have the skill of successfully scarfing down a whole tray of gooey magic cookie bars behind their backs, still warm from the oven.

Six years have passed since I left home, and just as I like my shoes in pairs, so too I like matching each year with a new city. As if by clockwork each rotation around the sun has brought a new city to discover, and a new challenge to build new friendships. Through serendipity and change I have been able to meet some of the most genuine and loving human beings I could ever wish to know.

I moved to Austin around 4 years ago and was fortunate enough to attend the school I grew up dreaming about while surrounded by members of The Texas Sweethearts; an all female organization that promotes integrity and supporting one another. Together, we learned how to balance the accountability of “adulting” and the gift of making each other laugh. These young ladies gave me a sisterhood that valued community, team and individual success during a time of uncertainty in my own life. They were, and still are, my home away from home.

Moving to San Antonio challenged me to discover self-sufficiency and determination. While working to establish myself in what I thought would be a career in advertising, I found myself being led to my next great adventure, law school. My acceptance to St. Mary’s University brought curiosity and worry about the next steps, and my family and friends were there to love and encouraged me from afar. They spent hours weighing the benefits of my choice over the phone. Do I put an end to my career in communications and pursue the opportunities a law degree offers? Or do I continue on the career course I had planned over the last four years of my life?  In time, and after many long and supportive conversations over the phone and in coffee shops, it all worked itself out. Law school was where I was meant to be. It has challenged me to create more new and lasting connections and has offered once in a lifetime opportunities.

I’ve learned through taking chances we are often led to those people we were meant to meet. Soul mates in a sense. Over the last year of being in San Antonio I have been blessed with the sisterhood and support of a graphic designer who shared the same love for s’mores and micheladas as well as late-night movies, and a mom and boutique owner who encouraged my dream of joining fashion blogging. She challenges me to take chances, keeps me informed me of the latest trends, and makes random photoshoots a blast!

I am lucky to have the support of these amazing women. I like to think my perspective on the world is brighter and more beautiful.  Through this roller coaster of a ride, I have learned that more than anything love is a choice. It is the deliberate act of recognizing the value and complexity inherent to someone else and choosing to stand by them even when it is tough. I hope that those of you reading this know how loved and valued you are by those around you. Especially me.

And to pay my little bit of love forward, I chose to wear this “Crush” blouse. Not only is the top a fitting color for the holiday, but it is the Heart of Cabi item this season. If you are unfamiliar with Cabi, the company selects an item each season to donate a portion of the net proceeds to the Heart of Cabi Foundation which empowers and encourages women around the world. While I love their style already, the fact that they give women in need clothing and small business loans warms my heart and makes me proud to wear their pieces.

So cheers to all the giving, genuine and hard-working women who have chosen to love with all their heart. Thank you for being my best friends near and far.

Have a Happy Valentine’s!



Blouse and jeans: Cabi | Purse: Coco Chanel | Shoes: Lord and Taylor | Hat: Nordstrom

Photos by Kimberlee Phoenix


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Connecting the Dots

Happy weekend!!! Can you believe it is already mid February? 2017 seems to be flying by! And in all the rush, I sometimes find it can be a struggle to find an outfit that is comfortable and fashionable, which is why I wanted to share this darling blazer that connects the dots between the two!!! If you know me, you know I love any kind of blazer. I love how versatile and elegant they are.

But this Dot jacket specifically can complete a work outfit, or elevate your favorite ripped jeans and a tee to shabby chic. The blazer is lightweight and nips at the waist for a flattering feminine figure. Because of its uniform polka dots, it is nearly impossible to find something that it won’t go with. I can’t wait to continue pairing it with anything from bright color dresses to classic work looks.

I chose to combine it with a whimsical Betsey Johnson purse…because really, who doesn’t love Betsey Johnson. It is the ideal duo for a sweetheart look! The bag is just big enough to keep all my necessary items (wallet, phone, laptop, textbook…essentially my whole life) without showing I am carrying the world inside. I hope you all love this styling as much as I do!

Cheers to the weekend,


Dot blazer and jeans: Cabi | Handbag: Betsey Johnson T-shirt: Brandy Melville |Jewelry: Nordstrom

Photos by Kimberlee Phoenix

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The Lady & the Pug

It’s only a month into my second semester in law school and my head has been spinning. I have been staying up late on weekdays to finish my daily reading and still feeling a bit overwhelmed on weekends when I have more time to get through the assignments. I was lucky enough to break the monotonous reading motif of life in law school this past weekend with some leisurely time. I spent Saturday with my amazing friend and photographer, Kimberlee Phoenix, and her adorable pug Buster. We attempted, emphasis on “attempted,”to take Buster for a walk which ended in Kimberlee and I laughing at his sweet antics.

Besides enjoying the benefits of friendship, I was excited to try on a few of the pieces I recently ordered from Cabi’s new Spring line “Je Ne Sais Quoi.” I am still obsessing over their “Isla” wedge which are so colorful and cute. I love the tassles that hang at your ankles contrasted with the bright print on the heels. They can take a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt and transform it to a beach flair ensemble. I threw on the “Victory” sweater over a denim mini and a soft white tee for a clean spring look. The asymmetrical sleeves emphasize its cheekiness and can easily be paired with the Isla wedges. This dynamic duo will definitely be my go-to look this spring when I need something easy to throw on. I think it would also be super cute with colored shorts.

Sweater and Shoes: Cabi  | Buster the Pug

Photos by: Kimberlee Phoenix

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Taupe Notch

There are those sunny winter days in Texas when the temptation to pretend it’s summer again is too strong. The sunshine dances on your skin while a balmy breeze stirs up thoughts of hotter days. Living next to the Riverwalk makes sunbathing an easy hobby anytime of the year. And on those days that I can’t resist enjoying the warm winter rays, I’ll take the three flights of stairs down to the water and find a peaceful place to relax before venturing over to the nearest ice cream shop.

To support this yearlong ritual,  a light, midi dress is essential.  The length will help mask lackluster legs without hiding them from the sun. Having this piece on hand makes for a stylish and effortless look. I styled my taupe dress with a thick chocolate belt, carefree bun and patterned wedges.

Dress: Anthropologie |Purse: Fin & Ellie

Photos by Kimberlee Phoenix

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Wilde Style

“You can never be over-dressed or over-educated.” – Oscar Wilde

Looking for a chic “Date Night” outfit without sacrificing comfort or a whole evening to get ready? Let me introduce you to the messy bun, brilliant bells and textured mini skirt look. I was able to throw together this ensemble in under 20 minutes and thought it was perfect for a flirty Friday out on the town.

If you read my last post about my bell sleeve obsession, it has continued to flourish and will probably make some more appearances in the Spring. This particular bell sleeve blouse is such a nice neutral you could pair it with jeans or tweed skirt like I did and not have to worry about it clashing. This skirt is absolutely the best, I love everything about it: the length (not too long and not too short), colors (spectrum from black to white) and texture (a hybrid style of  bohemian and prep school)! To brighten up this January look, I threw over a winter white blazer for an additional layer if the restaurant or weather is a bit cool. Other than that, throw on your favorite lipstick and you are out the door!

Hope this basic look inspires you to create one of your own! Have a fantastic weekend




Zara: bell top and skirt 

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