All that MATTERS

I feel so fortunate to be sharing Matter, a socially conscious brand with y’all. This company is absolutely incredible in everything they do. Not only do they design and produce beautiful and travel-friendly clothing but their mission includes acting as a pioneer in the fashion industry by promoting change and sustainability. They not only encourage the 1,287 artisans they work with to produce quality pieces but they inspire everyday consumers to value provenance and process.

I styled these “Classic Wideleg” pants with a basic turtleneck to focus on the print. These silk pants are part of Matter’s story to reinterpret textile crafts heritage into an economic opportunity. The pants have a vibrant print and are easily the most comfortable pair of pants I own. The company enables artisans all over the world to continue their trade and thrive in a modern market. Matter is careful to provide season-less classics that adhere to the “timeless principles of style rather than runway trends.” If you know me, you know this brand is everything my blog stands for. I love the commitment to craftsmen’s trade and the dreams they have of including cultural traditions in the fast-paced world where we are often lost. Thank you for showing us what matters and reminding us to focus on the process before our purchase.




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