Corsets and Selfies

In an era of evolving everything, we often must ponder whether we can stop time for a few seconds to savor the present before it too morphs into the past in front of our eyes. With Iphones at our disposal, I think we tend to snap images throughout our day hoping to reflect on the simple joys we have experienced like visiting the farmer’s market on Saturdays, or walking along the Riverwalk with a visiting friend.

But what we fail to capture in the hustle of our day-to-day activities, is the art of the image. The selfie with perfect lighting finally captured after dozens of failed attempts, scene changes, and make-up touch-ups may seem like a rewarding experience in and of itself, not to mention the warm muscle burn from the workout that comes with extending one’s arms a full length. But what if there was an option that allowed us to capture all that we want our image to convey of the essence of us in a manner that involved more creativity and enjoyment and less pain and one-man attempts at serving as our own photographer and model simultaneously? What if, just what if, there was an option that allowed us to project the inner essence of our being in an image that reflects our daydreams- the blushing princess, daring warrior, seductive femme fatal and mysterious mermaid in every woman.

Obsidian + Blush is an Austin based creative team that does just that. They “believe that everyone should have elegant portraits of themselves”, because no one wants their grandchildren to remember them by a 60-year-old selfie. I had the joy of working with this dream team as their model on a gorgeous Victorian Floral set. The set seeks to capture the image of a woman who is daring yet gentle by means of intricate corsets and floral backdrops. The images turned out more beautiful than I could have hoped for! I felt like a garden princess hidden away in time.

The team was made up of some of the most talented women I have had the pleasure of knowing. It was my first time wearing a corset and I can honestly say I loved it! Each one was carefully created by Louise Black (yes the LOUISE BLACK from Project Runway), who is truly a one-of-a-kind designer. Each corset was hand-made and composed of delicate details that made them each uniquely stunning. Wearing them was an unusual feeling but not the back-breaking pain I had always imagined. Instead they forced me to sit a bit straighter and gave an air of elegance. If you ever have the chance to wear a piece from Louise, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! While wearing a corset was a wonderful experience it is not a requirement to work with Obsidian + Blush in creating a masterpiece. If you are interested in joining the revival of portraiture feel free to check out Obsidian + Blush!

So while the rest of the world takes #cellfies let’s keep Austin weird with classic portraits!

Lots of love,

Published in Scorpio Jin Magazine

Model: Christine Lozano
Production: Obsidian + Blush
Photography: Nico Nordström Photography
Set Design/Construction: Nico Nordström
Designer/Earrings: Louise Black
Hair/Styling: Michi Lafary
Makeup: Pepper Pastor
Assistance: Natasha Müller Heggestad + Brandon Gonzales

Editor: Lola Lozano

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