Bye Bye Turtle Shell

Now that the Spring semester has started and I have turned in my law review comment, you can find me lugging books and my laptop from class to the library to home and back again. Intermittently I have photo-shoots or lunch meetings with other professionals, but for most of my day I am running around trying to squeeze in my latest reading assignment. While I love constantly being on the move, I have always dreaded carrying around a “turtle shell” aka hefty backpack. Up until two weeks ago, I lived the turtle-life because a purse was too small and my old backpack was the only thing that fit everything I needed. However, it was filled with loose writing utensils, notes and highlighters and was basically a black-hole.

Over the past few months I’d been keeping my eye out for a chic but functional backpack, but nothing quite fit my needs. That is until I discovered this gorgeous leather backpack on Etsy! You know when you find a product and you instantly love it, and then the more you use it the more you love it and you didn’t even know how perfect it was when you first bought it? Well that is this bag for me. When I first saw the photos on Etsy by The Bag Minimalist I loved it’s clean lines and rich color. But once it arrived and I was able to fill it with all my miscellaneous items, did I see the true genius in its design. It fits the variety of roles I play: student, law clerk and blogger without forcing me to switch bags between. It is a soft cowhide leather that makes it super lightweight and has several inside compartments that make it easy to stay organized. It is just big enough to fit the essentials without looking bulky. I finally feel like I have crossed over to looking like a young professional and I couldn’t love this playful but mature bag any more. Check out the different ways I have styled this bag!

With so many adventures planned for this year, I can’t wait to take this bag as my carry-on! If you want to seeĀ  other similar products by The Bag Minimalist click here!

Backpack: The Bag Minimalist

Photography: Molly Shofner

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