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Imagine my excitement when Jon Hart asked me to collaborate with them for another project focusing on my favorite travel pieces in my favorite color! Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with this reputable brand to shoot a video for their new Clear Becky stadium approved bags. Little did I know our relationship would continue and I would be afforded the chance to talk about my favorite Jon Hart essentials for the season of traveling. I don’t know about you all but I tend to travel quite a bit during the autumn months to celebrate holidays, birthdays, school breaks and retreats back home. These trips can last anywhere from 30 hours to 3 weeks and require all kinds of outfits, accessories and what not. As someone who bounces all over Texas, I have exhausted every piece of luggage my family owns trying to find the right size and style for travel. If the suitcase is too big I have to haul it around when I reach my destination which is always accompanied by my tendency to over-pack. And if the suitcase is too small, then I don’t have any flexibility on outfits or items to bring back.

For the past few years I have been keeping my eyes out for a piece that would serve both quick weekend trips and lengthy visits afar. On several occasions my suitcases would turn up in the terminal ripped or smudged with dirt. I typically carried around a mismatched set of whatever pieces I could sneak out of my parent’s house to suit my needs. But finally I have the solution!!! I recently got my hands on Jon Hart’s “360 Carry on Wheels” and have never been more thrilled with my packing style! I’d seen plenty of girls in college with the brand but didn’t invest in a bag myself. What a mistake! This wheeled bag is the most gorgeous vintage mint shade which makes it easy to spot and is carry-on approved which I tested this past week during my trip to El Paso, Texas. Since my journey home was a bit longer than my usual weekends, I took my entire Jon Hart collection home for fall break. Between the small wheeled suitcase and my new mint duffel bag, I was more than set for the trip. I typically don’t take two carry on bags when I travel solo but I was too excited to part with my new purchases and wanted to try out their size on the plane. They passed! The duffel’s wide opening made it easy to access my book I accidentally buried at the bottom and the leather trap gave my shoulder plenty of cushion from its weight.

The “Left Bank” tote is another easy piece to take as your personal item on a flight. I have also been using it to carry around my laptop and notes for class but could find a dozen other reasons this bag is perfect. Like the rest of Jon Hart’s products, the “Makeup Case” is created with care. This bag is a staple for traveling and will be one of the first things I pack. Each of these four pieces are sturdy enough to weather the storms of airport obstacles. Not only do each of these bags accommodate the everyday needs of a 23-year-old student, but they fulfill my inner fashionista dreams of traveling in style. If you can’t tell I am obsessed with this unique teal shade and ordered all my pieces in it but could easily have ordered several other color combos. I also had each of my pieces monogrammed with either my name or initials for a little more personalization which I think makes all the difference when checking to make sure you have the right suitcase. The pieces all come in a variety of beautiful colors to fit your taste!

I am so excited to share my four favorite Jon Hart traveling pieces with y’all and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about them! Follow this link to check out the amazing pieces Jon Hart has or do some early Christmas shopping!




Travel Collection: Jon Hart
Photography: Hector Lozano

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    1. Thank you Angel! They have been better than I expected 🙂 I truly appreciate your support and hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  1. These photographs are stunning! The mint color of the bags are perfectly complemented by the surprising and warming burnt orange. So adventurous!

    1. Hi Kelcie,

      I have the medium square duffel. I used it last week for a trip home and I was able to fit in most of my items. It’s really roomy and I put my shoes in the two side pockets 🙂 Hope that helps!


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