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What do you get when you find 4 girls from El Paso in New York? Big dreams, 1 Job or No Job star, lots of laughs and new friendships! Last week my mom, sister and I jetted off to the Big Apple for some fun after finals. My sister had just completed her Junior year at the University of Arizona and I survived, what seemed to be, the eternal 1L year. My mom was able to step aside from work and the three of us unwound from the chaos 2017 had invited into our lives and careers thus far.

Through a series of the most fortunate events, we were able to meet with Christy Gutierrez, an El Paso native living in NYC. She landed a job in New York after participating in ABC Family’s Job or No Job tv series. Christy and I connected on Instagram last fall with no clue we shared the same hometown, and made vague plans to meet up for a photo-shoot if I ever visited NY. A few months later I messaged her again and we made plans to meet up and get creative in Brooklyn. As if things weren’t already lining up perfectly, Christy paid forward our photo-shoot as I am trying to manage my student loans. I couldn’t believe how gracious, talented, and kind Christy was; a real go-getter! The afternoon of the photo-shoot, the three of us descended into the subway, and reemerged and waited at Dumbo, a local pizza joint.  Christy arrived, and we stepped outside to see the lovely backdrop Christy had planned: the bridge straddling two buildings with the Empire State building peering between its arch, golden hour light danced along the street and made the whole experience magical.

This shoot will always hold a special place in my heart. It combined some of the things I love most in life into several shots: my girls, El Paso kindness, travel, fashion, laughs, and new friends. While Christy provided an amazing photo-shoot, she didn’t realize she also captured the intimate relationship my mom and sister have with my blog. They often talked to me about past photo-shoots and I wanted to share one with them. They have spent countless hours mulling over ideas with me, helping me edit blogs, and supporting my every post. They are the pillars to my success and I don’t know where I’d be without them.

So thank you Christy, for your skills and warmth to make this shoot come to life. Thank you Mom, for never doubting the heights I could reach. And thank you Lola for cheering and challenging me along the way. I had the most fabulous girls trip to NY with y’all!



Photography by Christy Gutierrez

Lola’s | Pink dress: Zara

Suzanne | Skirt: Bevello | Jacket: Cabi

Christine | Dress: Top Shop | Necklace: Sarah Briggs

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  1. WOW- thank you so much for your kind words first off! I love this blog post for all the same reasons you do but with an additional one thrown in- you wrote it, my beautiful, smart, and amazing sister, on your incredible fashion blog that you somehow manage to find and devote time to amongst your crazy and successful life! I am so proud of you for making this dream a reality as well as your law school aspirations. You are an inspiration and I am so thankful that I am able to help contribute to this creation in as many little ways as I can. In a way I feel guilty because I get to do all the fun tasks like snapping cute shots of you in exciting places and then you put in all the hard work to turn it into a fashionable post! I love you and I loved making these memories with you and Mom in New York- from our chase in Chinatown to that final bite of NYC pizza off of the HighLine at sunset. You two always are and forever will be- my girls.

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