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I’ve had long hair for the past five years, and I will be the first to admit it is more maintenance than it looks. While I love the long locks, it can be a challenge to find products that fit my budget and my expectations. I am always looking for better shampoos or leave-in products that will keep my hair healthy. I recently tried Pantene’s Pro-V Ultimate 10 Shampoo and thought it would be unfair not to share my experience!

People always told me not to wash my hair everyday because it strips your hair of its natural oils but that often left me with the challenge of timing the arrival of greasy hair. With Pantene, I don’t have to try and avoid cleaning my hair because the shampoo doesn’t take away the good stuff. Instead it leaves behind antioxidants and lipids that make it soft and easy to detangle, which is always a huge plus for me. I also experimented with using the shampoo as a hair mask, and it was a success!!! Trust me, I have tried a lot of Pinterest ideas (one ending with me cooking raw eggs in my hair under a hot shower) and this is by far my fave.

Pantene recently came out with a new shampoo formula that actually penetrates into the core of the hair to replenish lost moisture and protect hair from damage. So if you are looking to one-up your current shampoo and strengthen your hair, I advise you try the new products. 

Hope y’all love it as much as I do <3



Photography by Kimberlee Phoenix

Sponsored by Pantene

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