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Spring break is over and I am so excited to report to y’all that I have found a pair of stylish, colorful AND comfy flats! This pointed toe pair from passed my personal test of wearable shoes in Europe, where I hiked up the French cliffs of Étretat. The back of the shoe did not rub against my heel and irritate my feet like most flats tend to do, and they maintained their beautifully embroidered colors after a good amount of walking.  I wore the “Giselle – Black” style but honestly had the hardest time picking a pair off their website. There are so many options, and knowing they would be comfortable only made the decision even harder.

While spending my break in Paris with my family, we decided to venture to the beaches of Normandy to mix things up a bit. The whole journey there was filled with hilarious mishaps from getting kicked off a bus (for not having the exact amount of change) to nearly missing a train because we lost each other in the train station to arriving at our train destination only to find out there was no rental cars in the small town of Rouen to somehow locating a car and driving another hour to the cliffs of Étretat.

Finally, after my Dad’s first drive in Europe and many laughs, we descended from the winding road to the charming town of Étretat that could easily be the backdrop for Beauty and the Beast. The town was nestled between two towering cliffs that house three white arches. I had stumbled upon pictures of the town online some months earlier but they could not compete with the magnitude and beauty of the actual view. For those of you planning a trip to France, this is easily my number one destination if you are looking to get out of the big city and see authentic French countryside. And you know what goes great with this type of travel? Restricted Shoes flats! The whole journey I wore these flats and loved how their bright, bold print contrasted the cooler tones of the scene.

They are a great style for Spring and so easy to pair with anything from jeans to shorts to solid colored dresses. I wore them with a spotted cardi for some additional contrasting patterns. These flats are currently priced at $55 but if you use code BARELYBLONDE25 you will receive 25% off your purchase! (This can be applied to all shoes on the site at

I hope y’all are having a wonderful month and I can’t wait to share more ways I style these shoes in the warmer months!


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