Southern Roots to a Los Angeles Brand

   Want to talk about girl power? Samantha Wade and Miranda James are two people I hold very near and dear to my heart who I consider super women. They embrace life to the fullest and are always the perfect balance of elegance and a great-time.

   The duo successfully created their own L.A. brand in 2012 at the age of 23. Southward Apparel combined their southern roots with modern style and showcased their individual strengths. As two young professionals, the journey was filled with resistance but with perseverance their friendship and dreams never floundered. I had the pleasure of meeting these two charming women in 2013 and have been friends ever since. In between occasions modeling for their look books, they advised me like a little sister on careers and life, often during happy hour. They were a prime example of the woman I’d like to become; full of integrity, loyalty and laughter. Together they magnified the beauty in each other and created an environment that nurtured personal growth.

   Today, the Southward Apparel brand has evolved to be mainly e-commerce but continues to promote soft and sassy fashion. As a fellow Texan, I am awfully proud to know these women are Texas-made. Feel free to check out the fun at

“It’s okay to not be ‘perfect’…make mistakes and learn from them. Become better and always be nice.” – Miranda James

Purse: Michael KorsTop: Southward ApparelSweater: Fin & Ellie

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