Think PINK!

If you’ve ever had the itch to step outside of your comfort zone in a creative endeavor, I cannot recommend working with Obsidian + Blush enough! Nico and Michi work endlessly to create a fairy tale photography experience. Their vision challenges the bounds of creativity from floral corsets to Cinderella themes and monochromatic sets. They create the entire set themselves handling everything from styling to hair to makeup to snapping the perfect angle.

I had the pleasure of joining them on a Victorian fashion shoot several months ago and was truly inspired by their work. They make being professional fun. They make you feel like a supermodel from encouraging you to play music, bring beverages and even bringing friends!

I jumped at the invite to shoot in their pink and white monochromatic sets for something unique. The pink set looks straight out of a movie. If you love pink, then this may finally satisfy that! I would never consider white a playful color, until I saw the balloons and tiles composing their second set. It was like swimming in a sea of childhood bliss tossing around dozens of balloons. They are by far my favorite creative duo and I can’t thank them enough for their unique photoshoots! Keep your eyes out for a winter/holiday theme coming soon!!!

Production: Obsidian + Blush
Photography: Nico Nordström Photography
Set Design/Construction: Nico Nordström and Michi Lafary
Hair/Styling: Michi Lafary

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